Angle Grinder & Wood Router

Metal Angle Grinder

Metal Angle Grinder is the best tool to cut and shape metals in the way you want. They are used for various purposes other than cutting metals. It removes weld slag or burrs and is also used to shape and make minor changes in metal parts. A metal angle grinder tool is very functional as one can make use of it at any time and place as they are compact and portable. Another important function is that it also removes rust from rusted metal surfaces easily. There are many features that one must look for while buying a good angle grinder for metals. The tool must be portable enough to be carried easily. This feature is very important for outdoor jobs. You just have to carry the box in your hands to take it to your garage or keep it in your car and carry it anywhere you want. The metal angle grinder that you buy must be powerful enough to do the job fast without bogging you down.

Metal Angle Grinder

Metal Angle Grinder – this it:

  • A powerful tool will also have a good speed that will do all cutting and shaping job on metals without consuming much of your time.
  • If the metal angle grinder is used for shorter time period it is least likely to get heated up soon.
  • Compared to other tools angle grinders takes less time to perform a job.
  • While removing rust or weld from metal parts the job may take around half an hour to complete. Whereas, drilling holes or cutting boards with other electric tools take less time. This is what causes them to wear easily.
  • The extra parts like cut- off wheels and wire brush help to accomplish additional jobs. This makes this tool functional that can perform multiple tasks.

It is to be kept in mind that this tool is used for a long periods of time, more so, than any other tool. Thus, you will have to pay for only one and get a number of functions to perform. Apart from the tools and its features it is important to go for angle grinders of reputable brands that provides you good warranty. Never go for a new or unpopular brand there have less chances of warranty and after sale services.

The structure and make of the tool should be in such a way that the power switch can be reached conveniently without making much effort. The angle of the blade must also be convenient for you to use. Keeping all the aforesaid points in mind will definitely help you to select a good metal angle grinder. It is not difficult to get hold of a perfect tool for yourself if you keep your preferences in mind and giving some thought to the features and qualities that you want in your new metal angle grinder.

The pricing for metal angle grinders is all over the board. If you only are going to use it a few times a year then you should go cheaper, to the other end, if you are going to use it on a regular basis then get a more expensive one. At Amazon they have over a hundred different makes and models to choose from. When you spend over a hundred dollars you get free shipping which about the same amount as sales tax which you do not pay at Amazon. One more thing, they offer an unconditional money back guarantee on your metal angle grinder or anything that you buy.

Variable Speed Angle Grinder

A variable speed angle grinder is a tool that is versatile and is available in all tool shops. There are grinders that work on a very high speed but the speed is fixed and cannot be altered. Such tools are used for cutting and grinding purposes. A variable speed angle grinder is adaptable and can perform more functions as the speed can be altered according to the need. There are many jobs that can be done using an angle grinder like polishing, cutting, shaping and much more. It must be understood that the tasks cannot be performed with the same rate. The speed has to be altered according to the task. This makes a tool with variable speed better than the set speed tool.

Variable Speed Angle Grinder

A variable speed angle grinder is able to take control of all types of tasks:

  • Tasks like cutting and grinding are performed at a very high speed.
  • Sanding or polishing a metal surface is done at a speed that is comparatively slow.
  • A high speed can affect the metal surface while polishing by burning the paint.
  • Cutting a stone or metal will not be possible when the speed of the grinder is slow and needs a very high a speed.

A good variable speed angle grinder works on a slow speed of 2500 RPM’s and still has the capability to work on a high speed 11000 RPM’s. This versatility makes this tool ideal for performing all types of tasks from cutting to polishing and much more without putting in much effort. There are chances of disc jamming at the time of using the tool for grinding. This may be dangerous at times. To prevent any mishap, grinders with variable speeds have an in- built system to shut the tool off in case of the disc gets jammed. This feature is found in good quality angle grinders.

The switches on the body of the tool help the users to select their desired speed according to the task that they are going to perform. There is a switch to use the speed that is preset in the tool. The other switch is used to customize the speed. When you are going to perform the same task repeatedly then using the preset switch makes sense as you do not have to adjust it each time. The RPM’s can be controlled and altered whenever you use them but before that you need to learn the right RPM’s that is required to perform certain tasks. If you are applying the wrong RPM’s for certain task then you will face difficulty. Getting the exact speed again in angle grinder becomes difficult at times. Thus, it is prescribed to use the preset switch when the same speed is required for multiple times.

Variable speed angle grinder is always better than an angle grinder that has a preset speed. There is so much that can be done with this tool by adjusting the speed for various purposes. A variable speed angle grinder makes the toughest of task simple with its functionality.

Modern Wood Router

A wood router is an absolutely wonderful power tool. It is very simple, yet amazingly versatile. It has a multiplicity of uses which includes shaping edges, adding decorative molding patterns, carving out grooves, sign making and making a wide range of joints. A wood router is indispensable in a well-equipped woodworkers shop.


Wood Router

Sadly, many people buy a wood router and use it one time for a particular project, then put it back in the box and never use it again, never realizing what a useful piece of equipment they have. I promise that if you take the time to learn about your router and practice enough to become proficient in its’ use, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.